Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adventure 7: Makita and Patches Spreading the word about WAG!Fest

Woof Woof Everyone!  Ed here.

Only three more days until the 2012 WAG!Fest.  Who's getting ready?  I know Sammie and I have been busy securing exhibits and demonstrations.  So far we have Earthborn Holistic Pet Foods, Grandview Animal Clinic, AMP Art Work, Buckeye DockDogs, Southern Ohio Flying K9's, and much, much more.

Since Sammie and I have been so busy, we decided to be brave and let the interns loose.

So this week's blog is by Makita and Patches, and their job to show our readers how to prepare for WAG!Fest and then spread the word about it.

Hi!! I'm Patches and this is Makita.  We have three key rules to remember when at WAG!Fest.

Number 1:  RUN DON'T WALK

Listen pups.  If you want to get the most out of your WAG!Fest experience, then you've got to make sure you see as many exhibits and demonstrations as possible.  So like I said, RUN DON'T WALK!

Makita, here.  My number one suggestion is to primp.  That's right ladies, get your nails done, just like I did by Michelle Starr at Hilliard Pet Salon, a WAG!Fest exhibitor.
You never know who you'll meet, so be ready.

Lastly and most importantly, stay hydrated!

Patches and I have been super busy spreading the word about WAG!Fest.  Just like telling this nice worker, Heather, at Pets Supplies Plus in Lancaster, Ohio.

One more thing!  Don't you forget to be at the 2012 WAG!Fest, August 25th starting at 10AM at the Darby Bend Lakes Area in the Prairie Oaks Metro Park.

See you all there!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ed and Sammie Adventure 6: Kibble & Bits about Columbus, Part 2

Hey everyone!  Mac is back!  Glad you came back to see the rest of my favorite spots in Columbus.  Let’s get wagging! 

Whoa!  This Christopher Columbus dude is HUGE!!!!  He's in front of Columbus city hall, and his ship, the Santa Maria is next to him on the river, but I think it would sink if he stepped on it!

At the Battelle Riverfront Park, right near the Santa Maria ship on the Scioto River, is a kids' sculpture garden.  All the statues are just the right height for dogs and kids.  My favorite is this Egyptian hound that I think sort of looks like me.  I guess people and dogs have liked each other for a few thousand years!

One summer night my people and I took a picnic to the grounds of the Franklin Park Conservatory and I found this yoga garden tucked away by the new community garden. Don't try to drink the fountain water though.  Yuck. Tasted weird.   My people said they might take up yoga just to hang out here.  But I know they were just yanking my chain.

I'm a lucky dog. My people like to go all over Columbus so I get to see all the cool stuff going on in our city.  I need lots of exercise every day, so it works out for everybody. But man am I pooped when I get home.  I like their bed, even though I've got one on the floor right next to them. 

Have fun out there!

Well I hope you enjoy my guest blog!  Be sure to leave a comment about your favorite spots in Columbus.  I hope to see you all at WAG!Fest this year on August 25 at 10am at Darby Bend Lakes Area in the Prairie Oaks Metro Park. 
– Mac the Border Collie.  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ed and Sammie Adventure 6: Kibble & Bits about Columbus, Part 1

Hey everyone!  Ed here.  This week and next week we have guest blogger Mac.  Mac loves Columbus, Ohio and asked if he could share his favorite spots on our blog.  Sammie and I are so busy getting ready for WAG!Fest, August 25, we said, “Howl Yes!”  Hope you enjoy! 

Mac at Agility Park
Hey there! I'm Mac, a border collie who lives with two people in Pickerington.  They take me to a dog park in Gahanna that has a huge big dog area, a small dog area under shady trees, and the best part...dog agility equipment!  Here's me on the ramp - my favorite (the tunnel is fun too).

It's a good workout, although I get a little over excited when I'm running the course. I always forget the second jump.  Pizzuro Park is hard to find the first time, so here's a link so your people know how to get there.  http://www.gahanna.gov/departments/parks/communityParks.aspx

Mac on State Seal
Now that the new Scioto Audubon Metro Park is open, we park at the Whittier Peninsula part of the park, go over the wetland boardwalk by the Nature Center, then walk along the Scioto River, past the fancy Miranova condo tower, through Bicentennial Park and up the new Scioto Mile.  We go back along High Street to see what's going on at the State House, then on to Columbus Commons before heading back to Scioto Audubon park.  Here's me sitting on the Seal of the State of Ohio in front of the State House.  

If you're going on this walk, have your people bring water for you, even when it's cool. It's a good, long walk.

Mac on Main Street Bridge
I love this new Main Street Bridge with its gigantic dog and people crossing deck. Best time is sunset when your people take a break on a bench to check out the downtown view, and I get to check out the other dogs that walk by.

Next week I’ll show you Christopher Columbus Statue, Pharoah Hound and how to relax after a long day.  Ed and Sammie want me to remind you to join us for the 2012 WAG!Fest, August 25th at the Darby Bend Lakes Area in the Prairie Oaks Merto Park at 10AM.  

To be continued. –Mac the Border Collie. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Adventure 5: Ed and Sammie, Canine Rivalry

Ed and I prepare for WAG!Fest a number of different ways.  That said, our competitive side comes out every so often.  We sniffed around the idea of settling it once and for all at the Top Dog Contest on the Take a Bow Wow stage in the most Talented category, but decided it would be best to settle it one-on-one.

Anticipation was high. Simple as a setter sighting a bird, our task was determined:  Both of us had two months to find the most interesting item from nature, specifically in the Hocking Hills.

Ed’s April Extravaganza:
Ed here.  I decided the early dog gets the bone.  I searched as soon as the sun rose and watched the dog-gone days go by.  Then, out on a hike one day,  I found them -- Morel Mushrooms.  Multiple morel mushrooms!  My BFF Tim was so excited, he couldn’t wait to get home and fry them up for dinner.  I made sure we got this picture though -- proof of my rare and yummy find. 

Sammie’s Searchable May:
When Ed told me of his fine discovery, I knew I had to bark up my game.  I imagined the blood hound in me coming out, and kept my nose to the ground.  Then, on a hike with my BFF, there they were!  Beautiful, Yellow Lady Slippers!  I knew there wouldn’t be a better find than this.  I had my BFF Mike take pictures from every angle, then gave him a little warning bark reminding him not to pick the flowers, because they are so rare.

Now we can’t decide who had the better find.  Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment.  What sort of treasures do you find when you’re out in nature with your BFF? Please, share your stories with us!     

While searching for our treasures, we both found ourselves thinking of all the exciting discoveries at this year’s WAG!Fest.  We are having trouble planning the day just trying to see it all!  Buckeye Dock Dogs, Top Dog Contests, Water Bark Beach, Meet the Breed Pavilion and much, much more.  How will we fit it all in? 

Monday, July 30, 2012

2012 WAG!Fest

Well it’s almost that time of year again --  the best time of the year -- AUGUST and the 2012 WAG!Fest!  Sammie and I are so excited!  We’ve been looking forward to this day since the day after last year’s WAG!Fest.  Mark your flea treatment calendars, this year’s WAG!Fest will be August 25, starting at 10am and will (sadly) end at 5pm.  As always the festivities will take place at Prairie Oaks Metro Park in the Darby Bend Lakes Area. 

As for the Excellent Adventures Sammie and I have experienced since our last blog, you’re in for a real doggie treat:  hiking, vacations, sporting events, interns, working, and of course, relaxing, we’ve been keeping busy.  We’d love to hear about your adventures, too! Tell us what you’ve been up to with your BFFs since last year’s WAG!Fest, or just leave us a comment.

The next Excellent Adventure we’ll be sharing, Adventure 5: Canine Rivalry. Be sure to check who found the best treasure during the spring hiking season...  

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Adventure 4: The Best Wagging Day

Hello Pooch Pals,
Wasn’t WAG!Fest the best dog-gone day ever?  Sammie and I certainly think so.  We loved sniffing around the park and meeting new furry friends.  Speaking of furry friends, according to Columbus Metro Parks we had 7,000 four-legged friends and 12,000 of the two-legged kind out at Prairie Oaks Metro Park for WAG!fest.  

We’d love to hear about your favorite WAG! parts and treats. Be sure to leave us some comments below or on our WAG!fest website at www.wagfest.com. In the meantime, let us introduce you to some of the new friends we met...

My (Ed's) favorite part was checking out this lovely lady sporting the latest in swim suit fashions.  Woof Woof!!
I watched Paloma (above) in the alive! Top Dog Contest.  She was in the Most Stylish Category and was top dog in my book but Honey the American Devil Dog (below) won. Brings new meaning to Hot Dog!

Sammie caught this young pup taking a “cat” nap while judging the alive! Top Dog Contests.  This is Remmie, a 4 month old Pug, relaxing on a judge’s lap. 
Some of the coolest canine digs of day were the Kroger Ice Castle and Water Bark Beach. 
A dog of this size needs more of an Ice Island Estate!!

We’re thinking these kids missed the concept behind fetch.  Their parents must have them very well trained!  We’re glad to see that everyone got to enjoy the water, not just our four-legged friends. 

Overall, it was such a fun and pawsome day!! While we haven’t set a date for sure, you should pencil in the last Saturday of August for 2012. Hope to see you then!

Watch for more of our Excellent Adventures this fall....

Ed & Sammie

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adventure 3: Sammie & Folly Beach

Hey Everyone,
Sammie here, Ed handed me the leash this week to share one of my favorite adventures, Folly Beach.  First, let me quickly describe me and my BFF for you... work hard, vacation harder.  We know how to get the job done.  Between me guarding the house and him planning WAG!Fest, we were ready for a vacation and we knew exactly how we were going to spend it.  Three words: sun, sand, and sea turtles.  Last year's trip wasn't our first, but so far it was the best.  What more does a dog need in her life besides her BFF, long walks on the beach, down town Charleston, and partial piers?  Well, I guess I wouldn't mind the "No Dogs on Pier" rule to disappear.  It wasn't all play though, our trip was during the Sea Turtle nesting season.  I made it my personal duty to make sure none of the annoying tourists bothered the baby turtles who were trying their hardest to reach the ocean after hatching.  Of course, my BFF and I don't count as tourists... we're too naturally awesome at vacationing. 
As always vacations come to an end.  Luckily though I have WAG!Fest to look forward to until our next one.  Don't forget to be there, August 27th at the Derby Bend Lake Area of Prairie Oaks Metro Parks starting at 11 am.  This will be your chance to enjoy some sun and water at the off-leash Water Bark Beach or visit the Kroger Ice Castle Oasis .  I just found out that the Dr. Oz of the Dog world, Dr. Mike Reidelbach of Grandview Animal Clinic, is going to do an Ask The Vet program at 4 pm on the Take A Bow-Wow Stage.  Also Nickers & Wags Equine & Canine Massage will be an exhibitor.  Say it with me, "Doggie Massage."  Maybe they will do one for my BFF, too.